Always Preparing

If anyone cleanses himself from [dishonor], he will be a vessel for honor . . . prepared for every good work.”
– 2 Timothy 2:21

Melissa and I each have separate offices in our home.  I’m a structure-oriented person, and Melissa knows that my mornings are reserved for uninterrupted preparation and planned work activities, so I seclude myself in my office.  But sometimes, I find myself in the same position well into the evening hours.  Recently, one evening, Melissa came into my office and asked me what I was doing. “I’m preparing for my Sunday children’s teaching,” I told her.  Then, thinking about all the time I spend in my office, I said, “It seems like I’m always preparing for something.”  I’m grateful for the opportunities God gives me to reach out to others.  There’s some stress, though, when you’re always getting something ready for somebody.  It’s hard to balance priorities with the pressure to prepare a lesson, a message, or a document continually on your mind.  This idea of constant preparation intrigued me, so I checked the Bible to see if it talks about the subject.  I found that we are called to always be preparing.  A heart dedicated to God must be prepared to serve Him (1 Samuel 7:3).  We are to be ready to do good works (2 Timothy 2:21) and to defend scriptural truth (1 Peter 3:15).  And Paul reminds us that even our giving takes planning (2 Corinthians 9:5).  That’s just a start.  Living a life that pleases the Lord takes mental, spiritual, and physical preparation.  But we don’t need to stress, because He will enable us with His power.  Let’s ask God to guide us as we prepare to serve, honor, and tell others about Him.

The best preparation for tomorrow is the right use of today.

Dear Almighty God of mercy, love and grace, help us to fully prepare ourselves for the good works You plan for us.  Help us that everything that we think, say and do will be worthy of You.  Help us to remember Lord, that You are our shield, our strength, our portion, our deliverer, our shelter, our strong tower, our very present help in time of need.  Help us to live our lives today for Your glory as a spiritual act of worship.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.

I will prepare for the opportunities that God gives me.

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