A Voice of One Calling

Last month, I asked the question, “Is it time for the Church evaluate her walk with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?”  My heart continues to stir for the body of Christ – to be intimate with Him, as well as, operate in the fullness of His mighty power.  What do I mean to be intimate?  To earnestly pursue God for Who He is, not to chase after what He can do for us and through us.

I expressed my concerns that the Church is falling under the plague of legalism and/or religion.  However, I do believe God is the One calling His Church back to true intimacy with Him.

Isaiah 40:3 – “A voice of one calling: In the desert prepare the way for the LORD; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.”  Are we the ones in the desert that so desperately need to be satisfied with the Living Water?  Have we as the Church become dry and without life?  Is the Living Water pouring out of us so that lives around us are being affected?  Are we as His Church impacting culture, or is the culture impacting the Church?

These questions result from the concerns of legalism and the traps of religion that are impacting the Church today.  I don’t believe God is looking for His Church to be operating just out of works, but He desires for His Church to be ignited and moved by His love.  The pursuit of pure intimacy with a Holy God is our Lord’s desire.

Has the time come where Jesus is the One who is calling out to His Church asking us to prepare for our Lord?  Yes, I do believe so.  In order for the Church to ‘make straight in the wilderness a highway’, we will need to remove the obstacles that are interfering with our walk with Him.  We will need to evaluate what have become hindrances and roadblocks to our intimacy with Him.  The question will become – will we respond to His calling?  Will we be so bold to ask Him to evaluate our hearts and to reveal to us the obstacles within our walk?  Will we be courageous enough to let go of those things that are affecting our intimacy with Him?  Will we then be so audacious to say to Him – “More Lord, I want more of you.”

I don’t know about you, but my pursuit of God is not to just know about Him or what He can do for me.  I want to experience everything He is willing to reveal to me.  I want to be as bold as Moses was and to ask God to reveal His Glory to me.  In the end, where I am in my walk with Him is not enough; I want more of Him.  How about you?

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