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February is known as the month of romance. In this month, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. On this day, people intentionally express their love, devotion and friendship through exchanging gifts such as candy, cards and/or flowers. There are different legends about how the holiday came into existence. Allegedly, a Christian man named Valentine was martyred for his companionship and love for humanity.

There is another story about a man killed for His love of humanity, but it is factual. His name is Jesus.

For God so [greatly] loved and dearly prized the world, that He [even] gave His [One and] only begotten (unique) Son, so that whoever believes and trusts (clings to, relies on) in Him [as Savior] shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost), but have eternal (everlasting) life” (AMP – John 3:16).

This Is Love

A man…not just any man but the Son of God…willfully gave Himself so we might have life in Him. On the day He died, He gave us the greatest exchange – He gave us the greatest gift. His love for mankind could not be bound but was unleashed. It is a gift for all, but we must choose to receive it. You may wonder why I am bringing up the Cross. Because it is where we begin to live our lives confidently. This is the moment when He made all things new for us, allowing us to embark on a new journey and giving us life in the fullest with Him.

To live confidently, we must realize the endless, everlasting, unconditional and limitless love being offered. It is unlike any other love we will ever encounter. This type of love always believes the best in us and sees the greatest potential for who we can be. The significance of the Cross goes deeper than a Man being crucified; it opens the door for us to embrace the life He destined us to live.

But God clearly shows and proves His own love for us, by the fact that while we were still sinners, Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One) died for us. Therefore, since we have now been justified (acquitted, made righteous, and brought into right relationship with God) [declared free of the guilt of sin] by His blood, [how much more certain is it that] we will be saved from the wrath of God through Him” (AMP – Romans 5:8-9).

Out of God’s love for us, He bestowed His grace on us. His grace is His unmerited gift to us. It is not our works, good deeds and/or good behavior that earns His grace. To live confidently, we must receive what God has given to us. He has declared all things to be made new in us. God has given us a new identity.

Wreaking Havoc In Our Life

The enemy, however, tries to wreak havoc within our life, causing us to second-guess who we are and who our God is. The enemy tries to confuse our ‘do’ with our ‘who.’ If we are not secure in ‘who’ we are in Christ Jesus, we will fall prey to his snares each time. The enemy wants us to focus on our abilities versus God’s grace. Naturally, a reward, recognition and/or acknowledgement is usually based upon one’s merit or ability. Our mindset believes one must do good to receive good. In God’s Kingdom, grace triumphs over all.

This is the difference between God’s unmerited grace and our abilities. God’s unmerited grace has nothing to do with our ability to act, perform, or even do but everything to do with Him. Our justification of who we are isn’t based upon what we do but what Jesus has given to us. He has redefined who we are in Him. We don’t have to strive for His affection to earn it; we already have it. We do not perform to get into right standing with Him, because we are made righteous by Him.

If we are going to embrace God’s ultimate freedom given to us, we must receive it! The more we recognize who we are in Christ Jesus, the more our behavior will align with Him. The enemy tries to make us focus on our behaviors and/or bad habits. He uses this as a snare in our walk with God. The more we focus on what we are doing, the more we lose sight of who we are in Christ Jesus.

The Key To Living Lonfidently

The key to living confidently comes when we embrace His grace. Grace is where we will find our identity in Him. Grace closes the door to old patterns, mindsets and behaviors and opens a new door to living. In this upcoming season, I believe God desires we stop focusing on what we ‘do’ and place more emphasis on understanding our ‘who!’

There is empowerment in our ‘who,’ and God wants us operating in it! It’s time for us to rise to our rightful position in Him, allowing Him to do the impossible through us! It’s time for us to live confidently!

In Him,
Rev. Melissa Pearce

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