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Melissa Pearce was born and raised in Akron, Ohio where she dedicated her life to the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of six. After He captivated her heart at a tender age, she longed to learn more about Him and to share her love for Him with others.

Coming from a large family had a significant role in Melissa’s life. It was through her immediate family that God taught her about love, acceptance, and wholeness. These character traits that God revealed to her as a child would be applicable in her later life in her ministry to others in Christ.

From a very young age, Melissa has had two passions – Jesus and teaching. Her speaking career started very early as she taught her baby dolls and the neighborhood kids about the Lord. She spoke to anyone who would give her an ear. In high school, she taught Sunday school at her local church.

At the heart of Melissa’s passion is the desire for men and women to know their identity in Jesus Christ and to see their self-worth through His eyes. She has personally seen how both the external and internal events in life can negatively affect a person’s concept of identity and self-worth. Growing up in a family of eight, she had never anticipated her parents divorcing. Because of the difficulties and stress of this unexpected situation, Melissa found herself starting life over at the young age of 15. She began questioning who she was as she saw the love in home dismantled. At the age of 26, Melissa went through her own divorce situation, again facing feelings of confusion and doubt when it came to her identity.

Other difficult experiences such as the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and the discovery of infertility, challenged Melissa to face feelings of inadequacy and insignificance. However, through each one of these circumstances, God remained faithful to her, reinforcing the truths about His acceptance, love and wholeness. It her heart’s desire to help other women see God’s faithfulness through life’s difficult situations as well.

The Lord’s call to encourage, love and minister to the hearts of men and women inspired Melissa to establish Enduring Hope Ministries, Inc. in March 2010. Her prayer is for God to use this ministry to reach hearts throughout the world. The name Enduring Hope Ministries came from her foundational belief that Jesus Christ, who is her personal Lord and Savior, is the Alpha and the Omega, the One who can satisfy every need within her being. His faithfulness has proven indisputable, and she rests in the assurance of knowing that He is her Enduring Hope.

Since the inception of her ministry, Melissa has become an accomplished author, an evangelistic teacher, dynamic speaker, and devoted encourager. Melissa has advanced her Biblical academic studies and has become a Minister and ordained Reverend.

Melissa has been blessed by her wonderful husband, Ron. They are more than marital and spiritual partners. They have also been business and ministry partners for the past sixteen years. Now as God has led them to continue their journey for the advancement of God’s Kingdom, Ron will continue to serve alongside Melissa through Enduring Hope Ministries. Melissa and Ron enjoy biking, walking, entertaining in their home, and vacationing in the Bahamas (where they were married) and in Ocean City, Maryland. Melissa and Ron reside in Export, Pennsylvania. They love animals and simply adore their four cats: Grace, Jake, Max, and Stush.

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