Mary Beth Pecroa - Man Became Heavenly

Man Became a Heavenly Being

As we continue focusing on this year’s theme of “Heavenly Living,” I went back to the beginning for some insight. Here’s what the Book of the Beginnings (Genesis) says…

Fearless - Point Of Hope - Enduring Hope Ministries


God has given us a spirit of boldness; it is time to operate in it.

Seek Ye First

Seek Ye First

Seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness goes hand-in-hand.

Breaking Heavenly Bread Together

Understand the importance of breaking bread together.

Change Is Here - Enduring Hope Ministries

Change Is Here

The change we are stepping into will bring a newness of life.

Helping Someone That Doesn’t Want Help

How do you help someone who needs help but doesn’t want it?

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Living On Earth As Citizens Of Heaven

Our life here on earth is but a moment in eternity. Let us walk confidently and proudly in our heavenly citizenship status.


Living Confidently

It’s time for us to rise to our rightful position in Christ, allowing Him to do the impossible through us. It’s time for us to live confidently!

Born To Make A Difference

Are you ready to make an impact and see lives touched and forever changed?

Heavenly Living

What does it mean to be heavenly living on earth?


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