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Melissa’s deepest desire is for everyone to know and realize their value in Christ Jesus. Melissa not only explores the Word of God for these truth, but she also shares real-life personal testimony.

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Melissa’s TV appearance on Sister to Sister

Melissa speaking at Christ Church at Grove Farm

Here are just a few teachings Melissa offers:

Finding Freedom in ChristSeasons of TransitionUnmovedBalance, Boundaries and BoldnessThe Potter and MeWalking in His Grace
There is an identity crisis occurring among women and some don’t even realize it.

Finding Freedom in Christ teaches a woman the importance of finding her identity and security in Jesus Christ.

This six week Bible study unveils the importance of finding her acceptance in the One True Source, Jesus. In doing so, she will unlock the keys to her heart and allow His love to ever flow within her. Finding Freedom in Christ teaches the importance of trusting God and the provisions He has for her versus trying to obtain their own means. This Bible study draws people into a deeper intimate relationship with God.

Life is about change. Real change is about developing the Christ-like character that God desires for us to obtain. It’s not about me or you, it’s about Jesus. Just as God created life to endure natural seasons, we too, will endure spiritual seasons. Each season is used by God to birth His life within our spirits. In the end, He produces the fruit of His spirit within our hearts.

This four week series emphasizes the importance of knowing God and His ways. Based on Isaiah 43:10, a heart will have full assurance in God, knowing He will always be by their side; never leaving nor forsaking, no matter the season.

Learning to be like Daniel in our culture.

God yearns for His people to be fully committed to Him.  He is seeking after those hearts that will not be swayed by compromise but will persevere no matter what the cost.  Melissa teaches from the book of Daniel of how God desires for our hearts to be steadfast towards Him in a cultural that in counter towards the Living God.

Everyone needs balance, boundaries and boldness within their lives.  Yet, this comes from being in alignment with God. Melissa teaches how God established boundaries not only for our own protection but to also produce balance within our lives.  She also uncovers how He has given you a spirit of boldness to stay on course for His will.

Melissa shows how we were each created by God for a purpose. Just as a potter starts at the potter’s wheel then works through a shaping process for his creation, our Creator the Potter has us go through seasons of development for His forming and enlightening process. Mary, Jesus’ mother, is a true example of a woman who trusted God. When she was placed on the Potter’s wheel, she had no understanding what her life would entail. Her mind could not begin to imagine what the LORD had prepared for her. She endured the toughest trials and persecution, but in the end she saw Her King!
Melissa helps attendees to discover what it means to walk in grace.

One of the biggest deterrents in our journey with God is the stronghold of shame and guilt. However, God never intended us to carry such burdens. He desires for us to dwell in His freedom. It is through the renewing of our minds and walking in His Grace that we obtain such freedom.

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