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Unveiling Jesus


Unveiling Jesus will take you through the Gospels in a year. As you travel through the Holy Scriptures, allow God to reveal His truths about His Word and then disclose to you how those Scriptures apply to your own life. While on this journey with God, I believe you will discover the heart of Jesus. Allow Him to reveal to you how Jesus loved, interacted with people, met their needs, and accepted them. You will also learn these simple truths are what He desires for His people to do here on earth. Jesus loved people unconditionally and believed in them. In discovering the heart of Jesus, I believe He will open your hearts to a deeper intimacy with Him. After all, this is what He desires. He longs to go deeper into a love relationship with you. We are told in Ephesians 5:1 to be an “imitator of God.” In order to impersonate someone, we must study their behaviors. God the Father longs for us to emulate every aspect of His Son, Jesus. Why? Jesus is the answer to a hurting and lost world. When we reflect Jesus’ behavior, others in the world will see Him in us. God wants us to show the love to the world that is shown to us through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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Finding Freedom in Christ


Positions of self worth and value are being compromised and destroyed. Every woman has the desire to feel accepted and loved. The desire is so great that we try to satisfy those deep desires by our own means. We rely on self accomplishments such as striving to be a successful business woman, to receive a master’s degree, or to get married and have a family, signifying acceptance into society. Some women rely on their exterior beauty to affirm their importance. However, the impact in the end becomes futile. Our accomplishments and abilities can only carry us so far. Once we fulfill one area, our mind is on to the next achievement. Since our inner self is only satisfied temporarily, what we long for is never fully accomplished.

Enduring Hope – Finding Freedom in Christ….

Enduring Hope: Finding Freedom in Christ teaches women the importance of finding their identity and security in Jesus Christ. This six-week Bible study unveils the importance of finding our acceptance in the One True Source, Jesus. In doing so, we will unlock the keys to our hearts and allow His love to ever flow within us. Enduring Hope – Finding Freedom in Christ teaches women the importance of trusting God and the provisions He has for them versus trying to obtain their own means of security. This Bible study draws women into an intimate relationship with God.


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It was through the Bible-study “Enduring Hope Finding Freedom in Christ” that I was able to acknowledge deep woundedness and allow Jesus to bring healing. To truly understand that I am HIS beloved child has set me free and has changed my life. My self-worth and purpose is in and from HIM. This is the best Bible-study I’ve ever done.
~Marty Anderson


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