Life is Fine - Both Yours and Mine - by: Toni Hembree | Enduring Hope Ministries

Life is Fine – Both Yours and Mine

Regardless of your status or the oppression you face, you have been given a purpose.

Dream On and Dream Big

Dream On and Dream Big!

We are entering a season in which God desires we dream again.


Dead Noses Smell No Roses

Let us give people their “roses” while they are still alive, so they can cherish them.

The Mess in Messiah

The “Mess” in Messiah

When we mess up, Jesus gets down in the dirt with us and stays a while.

Fearless - Point Of Hope - Enduring Hope Ministries


God has given us a spirit of boldness; it is time to operate in it.

Seek Ye First

Seek Ye First

Seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness goes hand-in-hand.

Melissa Pearce - Empowerment Awaits - Enduring Hope Ministries

Empowerment Awaits

God has designed three biblical keys of empowerment that we are called to embrace.

Operating In Fullness - Point of Hope - Enduring Hope Ministries - Melissa Pearce

Operating In Rest

Do you operate from a position of rest? Or are you overcome by disappointment, fear and anxiety?

Authority Has Been Given - Mary Beth Pecora | Enduring Hope Minsitries

Authority Has Been Given

Jesus rules over everything. As His followers, that same authority is given to us! The question becomes, are you operating in the authority He has given to you?

Operating from Our Core - Melissa Pearce

Operating from Our Core

God desires to break, remove and/or restructure our thought processes concerning our approach to circumstances in our lives.


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