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According to dictionary.com; to ’empower’ means “to give power or authority to; to enable or permit“.

Whose voice do you give authority? The voice of the enemy says: ‘It will never work out for you!’ ‘You will be left out!’ ‘You will never get well!’ or ‘Your dreams will never come to fruition!’ Do you recognize this as a voice of authority you must listen to? Or do you recognize it as the voice of a liar to be disregarded? Conversely, when hearing the Lord’s voice or reading His Word (even if it is contrary to what you can see), do you recognize it as the Voice of Truth? Or is it difficult to recognize as the Voice of Truth because of what you see or have experienced in the past?

Let me ask in a different way…Does the Lord’s voice and His Word have authority in your life?

In Matthew 4:4, the Bible says: “…It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord.’

God’s Word, whether written or spoken personally or through His prophets, are words to live by. They must have authority in your life! Every word of God precedes the manifestation of the Word, just as during Creation (Genesis 1:3): “Then God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light.

Whatever you empower will manifest in your life.

You must allow the Word of the Lord to create vision for your life. The Bible says, in essence (Proverbs 29:18): ‘Without vision, the people perish.’ Without vision, we have no hope. I say, if we embrace the vision the devil reveals, we have no hope. We must hear the voice of the Lord concerning our life and give authority to whatever He says. We must determine that His voice speaks the truth. We must decide it doesn’t really matter what things look like, because the Word of the Lord precedes the manifestation of the Word. We must empower the Word of the Lord in our life by coming into agreement with it, because the voice of the Lord is the Voice of Truth. When we agree with the vision the Lord places before us, we have hope.

Think of the Israelites after the Lord set them free from slavery in Egypt. The Lord took them into the wilderness. He provided manna each day, and He went before them as a cloud by day and a fire by night. But they lost sight of the vision of the Promised Land while in the wilderness. Because they lost their vision, they actually desired to return to Egypt where they were enslaved. This happens when the voice of the Lord is allowed to lose authority in our life. We lose our vision and end up enslaved by agreement with what the enemy has to say about us and our future.

Give those words authority and power:

Let’s work on the vision for our life that is built on the words that come from the mouth of the Lord! Let’s give those words authority and power over our life by agreeing with them!

1) Let’s start by looking at the Bible, the written Word of God. Write down your answers:
-What does the Lord say about you?

  • -What does the Lord say about your sin?
  • -What does the Lord say about His plan for your life?

2) Now, write down any prophetic words you have received from the Lord through His prophets.

3) Lastly, write down things the Lord has spoken to you personally. Spend some time Him, writing down what you hear during your prayer time. Submit them to the Lord for confirmation you heard Him correctly.

Now, look at your answers to these exercises. I ask again: Does the voice of the Lord have authority in your life? Do you regard His voice as the Voice of Truth? Speak to your pastor or spiritual mentor about your answers to these exercises for confirmation and guidance. Keep them always before you, having faith that the Word of the Lord precedes the manifestation of His Word. I recently downloaded an app on my phone and recorded myself reading prophetic words the Lord has been speaking to me. I listen to that over and over on my headphones. I keep the Word of God always before me. I regard it as the Voice of Truth. I am empowering the Word of God by agreeing with it. I believe the Word of God precedes the manifestation of His Word in my life. Do you?

~Shelly Hess

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