Freedom – What a powerful word, as well as, a word filled with so much promise.  As we just celebrated our Nation’s independence this past 4th of July, I am reminded of the freedom we enjoy in the country.  Freedom should not be taken for granted for it was obtained at a great price.   Servicemen, […]

Complete Surrender

Have You Surrendered? As we conclude our series on Matters of the Heart, we finalize our discussion on complete surrender.  Surrender is learning to take up your own cross and follow after Christ Jesus.  Surrender is to trust God and walk in obedience to His ways even when we may not know or understand the […]

Weaponry for the Princess Warrior

We ended last session with a command to suit up for battle by putting on the needed protection to keep the young women in our lives, as well ourselves,  secure and hopeful.  The battle often begins with our thoughts, and the battlefield is our spirit mind.   A good offense is key to winning a battle, […]