Obtaining Hope

What is Hope? Webster defines hope as to trust, reliance and/or desire with expectation of fulfillment. Our hope is generated from what and who we believe in. How many times do we place emphasis in our own abilities or expectations in others and yet the desired fulfillment is never reached? God’s desire is for us […]

From Melissa’s Heart – January 2013

________________________________________ From Melissa’s Heart….. Happy New Year to each of you! As we are entering into 2013, I keep hearing the Lord say these words: “New beginnings are coming. The old is gone and the new is approaching. But I ask you, how will you respond?” I believe God is preparing His Church for change. […]

Building Hope: An Epiphany for 2013

__________________________________________ “An Epiphany for 2013” A blessed, healthy, and peace-filled year is prayed for you, my dear friends.  I pray that you will seek earnestly, His grace and love. I was amazed as I experienced the many emotions that filled me this past Christmas … ·    Joy over numerous blessings, tangible and intangible ·    Sorrow […]