Fearless - Point Of Hope - Enduring Hope Ministries

God has given us a spirit of boldness; it is time to operate in it.

Change Is Here

Change Is Here - Enduring Hope Ministries

The change we are stepping into will bring a newness of life.

Living Confidently


It’s time for us to rise to our rightful position in Christ, allowing Him to do the impossible through us. It’s time for us to live confidently!

Empowerment Awaits

Melissa Pearce - Empowerment Awaits - Enduring Hope Ministries

God has designed three biblical keys of empowerment that we are called to embrace.

Operating In Rest

Operating In Fullness - Point of Hope - Enduring Hope Ministries - Melissa Pearce

Do you operate from a position of rest? Or are you overcome by disappointment, fear and anxiety?

Operating from Our Core

Operating from Our Core - Melissa Pearce

God desires to break, remove and/or restructure our thought processes concerning our approach to circumstances in our lives.

Operating with Authority

Operating with Authority - Enduring Hope Ministries

God is preparing His people for advancement. With this advancement, there will be battles, but we will overcome!