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Crossing Over the Threshold of FEAR and DOUBT!

We recently relocated to another state. In the process of getting ready for our move, I noticed I was battling a lot of fear—battling so many questions that were causing fear to arise within me. Will everything go well with the close? Will our moving truck be big enough? How will the kitties travel? I know this sound silly now, but when I was in the heat of the move, they were real to me. In fact, I was losing sleep over it all.

We made the journey; it took us three days, but we made it. Looking back, I realized the enemy was playing off my emotions. I had allowed myself to align with his lies versus keeping in step with God’s promises. I’m sure you’ve been there. God asks something of you, then suddenly you find yourself in a battlefield of your mind. The hasty thoughts of doubt and fear bombard you just to keep you from forging ahead.

Defeat cycle – Death cycle

It is at this moment we must push past the threshold. Dictionary defines threshold as “the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested.” It’s the point in your walk with God that chooses His truth versus the lies of the enemy. If we do not push back on doubt and fear, we will find ourselves in a vicious defeat cycle. The defeat cycle can turn into a death structure over our lives. A death structure is a tool the enemy uses against us to keep us in bondage. Once in the death structure, we don’t see things from God’s perspective only the enemy’s.

It’s time to cross over the threshold of fear and doubt! It’s time to take your life back! It’s time to go to the next level with God and make an impact for the Kingdom of God.

Pass through the camp and command the people, prepare your provisions, for within three days you shall pass over this Jordan to go in to take possession of the land which the Lord your God is giving you to possess (AMP – Joshua 1:11).

Just as the people of Israel were in a new season with God, so are you! God desires to do something new within and through you! If we choose to allow fear and doubt to be our navigators, we will never cross over and possess the very things God has intended for us. We will observe, while others experience what God has for them.

You are my witnesses, says the Lord, and My servant whom I have chosen, that you may know Me, believe Me and remain steadfast to Me, and understand that I am he. Before Me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after Me (AMP – Isaiah 43:10).

You were never meant to be on the sidelines. God desires for you to be in the game. He doesn’t want you watching, but playing—experiencing what He is doing.

It’s time to get into the game!

It’s time to push back on FEAR and DOUBT and say enough is enough! For us to come against FEAR and DOUBT, we will need to do our part. We will need to operate in FAITH. It is one thing to say you have faith in God, but it is another when you act upon it. This what it means to ‘remain steadfast to Him.’ Faith is the key that unlocks your captivity. Faith is what will position you for greater exploits with God. Faith will shift you from just observing to experiencing what God has intended for you.

When God called Joshua to pass through the camp and have them ‘prepare their provisions,’ it was a mandate from God to bring what was given to them, because they were moving into something NEW. God is the Author of good gifts and in Him there is no darkness. Fear and doubt are birthed out of darkness. You cannot take FEAR and DOUBT with you in this upcoming season, because they are depleting you. FEAR and DOUBT are not provisions; they are deductions.

It is time to transition from what was to what God has intended for you! It is time for to embrace the new. It’s time to push back on FEAR and DOUBT and possess the very things God has for you. No more looking back! No more second-guessing! No more regrets! No more coming into agreement with the lies of the enemy!

It’s time to push back on the threshold of FEAR and DOUBT and live the life God intended for you!

In Him,
Rev. Melissa