“We are committed to empowering women with
the Word of God.”

~Rev. Melissa Pearce

Melissa Pearce - Enduring Hope Ministries

Empowering women with the Word of God

Empowering women with the Word of God

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The enemy wants you to believe that you are bound, but you are free! God's grace is greater than you can comprehend. His love is relentless towards you!

Rev. Melissa Pearce
Ron and Melissa Pearce - Enduring Hope Ministries

Ron and Melissa Pearce

Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Melissa dedicated her life to the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of six. Even at such a tender age, she longed to learn more about God and to share her love for Him with others.

Her speaking career started very early as she taught her baby dolls and the neighborhood kids about the Lord. She spoke to anyone who would give her an ear. By high school, she began teaching Sunday school at her local church.

Melissa’s foundation was shattered, at the age of 15, when her parents announced their divorce. Watching the family become dismantled was devastating and, as a result,  Melissa began deeply questioning her own self-worth that would set her on a new path.
By the age of 26, Melissa now found herself going through her own marital divorce. Further difficulties came when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and the discovery of infertility. Combined, these challenged Melissa to face feelings of deeper inadequacy and insignificance.

Through each one of these circumstances and times of doubt, God remained faithful to her. Through reinforcing the truths about His acceptance, love and wholeness she discovered her worth in Christ and her identity as a child of the Most High. Now it his her mission to help others see God’s faithfulness through life’s difficult situations as well.

This mission and calling upon her life  inspired Melissa to establish Enduring Hope Ministries, Inc. in March 2010.  The name “Enduring Hope Ministries” came from her belief that Jesus Christ, is the Alpha and the Omega, the One who can satisfy every need within our being. His faithfulness has proven indisputable, and our rest can be found in the assurance of knowing that He is our Enduring Hope.


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Enduring Hope Ministries - Melissa Pearce conference
Enduring Hope Ministries - Melissa Pearce and Ron Pearce
Enduring Hope Ministries - Melissa Pearce conference
Enduring Hope Ministries - Melissa Pearce conference

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