“We are committed to empowering women with
the Word of God.”

~Rev. Melissa Pearce

Melissa Pearce - Enduring Hope Ministries

Empowering women with the Word of God

Empowering women with the Word of God

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Obtaining Hope

What is Hope? Webster defines hope as to trust, reliance and/or desire with expectation of fulfillment. Our hope is generated from what and who we

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Christmas Reflection

As I reflect upon Christmas, I think about three words:  hope, faith and love.  These powerful words were so intertwined throughout the Christmas story.  Our

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Standing Firm

Last month, I beckoned each of you to join me for the “Arise for Freedom,” and to earnestly seek God’s face through prayer and fasting. 

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The Churches Heart

Over the last couple of months, my heart has been broken for the body of Christ to become aware, acknowledge and address her relationship with

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Words and Their Impact

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”   Wishful thinking, my friends!  That catchy little phrase our parents told us

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Freedom – What a powerful word, as well as, a word filled with so much promise.  As we just celebrated our Nation’s independence this past

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Complete Surrender

Have You Surrendered? As we conclude our series on Matters of the Heart, we finalize our discussion on complete surrender.  Surrender is learning to take

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