Pay His Love Forward Challenge

Pay His Love Forward Challenge I want you to join us at EHM this holiday season to take the “Pay His Love Forward Challenge.” What is it? -We are basing this challenge from the movie, “Pay It Forward,” but want to take it one step further. -As we approach the holiday season,  concentrate on the […]

God’s Perfect Love

SCRIPTURE PASSAGE “The Lord is my Shepherd….. And I will dwell in the house of the Lord Forever.” – Psalm 23 THOUGHTS Psalm 23 is probably the most well-known passage in the Bible.  But what’s not as well-known is how this short message illustrates God’s complete and unconditional love for us.  Let’s take a look…..The […]

Christmas Star

It is hard to believe we are just weeks away from Christmas and ushering in a new year. The holidays for some can be full of excitement, laughter, and enjoyment. For others, the mere thought of Christmas approaching overwhelms the heart. Instead of joy, many are battling depression, loneliness, and emptiness. Instead of hope, many […]

Dare to Not Compare

Imagine for a moment that you are a soldier in boot camp. You’re away from your home and all that feels secure. The physical demands are probably the toughest you’ve ever faced. You’re physically and mentally exhausted; and you’re strictly running on the grit of your determination. You have a goal, and that’s what keeps […]

It’s about the People!

Make Time For Friends and Family! Do you make time for friends and family or do you easily lose sight of the people in your life due to all of the lists and tasks you’re trying to manage? This month I’d like to share my thoughts on the importance of being “with” one another, making […]

Recovering Cynic

I was a cynic. I didn’t doubt the greatness of God or what He could do; I just doubted that He’d move mightily in my life. I don’t know why that was my mindset, but it’s probably because I had been living in the land of disappointment. I had experienced some major letdowns over the […]

Resting Assured in Him

I want to wish our EHM partners and friends a blessed Thanksgiving. The journey with you throughout the year has been a delight. I am so honored to have you beside us. As I have been in final preparations for 2013 and gearing up for 2014, I am reminded of God’s continued grace and love […]

Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving month to you, my friends! I pray that you press in to seek our Lord God, and the blessings that accompany knowing Him! Last month, I revealed my vulnerability to you by discussing the “fall” or autumn season, and my propensity to fall into a pit or into a ‘funk’. Well, I’m continuing […]

He Knows Your Name

As I was reading through God’s Word, an amazing revelation came to me. God knows my name! I know many of you are thinking, “What’s the big deal?” Yes, of course God knows your name. He is the one who created you. Or perhaps, some of you may be thinking, “Why does it matter if […]

Follower or Folly Finder

Did you know that the Bible was written for more than just getting into heaven? For more than saving our souls? And for more than getting right with God? It is equally concerned with living well on earth! The living Word of God is a manual for how to live. Last month I discussed choosing […]