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Melissa’s words worked like a holy wind, blowing through sleepy corners of our sanctuary, and I am so excited to see what He is going to do with that next! My expectations are in Him, so they are BIG! I simply love Melissa, and I know I’m not alone. Countless ladies approached me through the weekend and sent me notes afterward discussing how much they loved her talks and her vibrant personality. -
Michele H.
Women’s Ministry Director
I have experienced Melissa’s dedication and devotion firsthand. Her loving, positive Christ-like attitude and His love is infectious to everyone she meets. She has demonstrated herself to be honorable, steadfast, and obedient to all that God has called her to establish for His glory on earth as it is in heaven. She continues to touch the lives of so many, no matter the age, social/financial status, or religious affiliation due to the touch of Jesus Christ on her life.
Rev. Ray D.
I am writing to tell the world that Melissa is a wonderful woman of God. Her friendship, love and ministry has impacted my life in many ways. Her love for God is contagious and her faithfulness to Him and the ministry has modeled well. This is how she has sown into many lives, so let it now be sown back into hers.
Mary Beth P.
Rev. Melissa is a passionate, inspiring, and gifted speaker, teacher and author. Her love for Jesus Christ and His Word flows beautifully from her heart and touches the lives of her audiences. She teaches on topics that are always relevant, relatable and inspire one to take action to grow as an individual and to pursue the call of God in their life!! I would highly recommend hiring Rev. Melissa Pearce for your next conference, podcast, or zoom event. Your attendees will love her. - I know I did!
Susan B.
Life Coach
I am impressed with Melissa’s passion to change the world one person at a time through mentoring. Her approach is people centered and not just spiritually centered. She strives to help you find the treasure hidden in you, that you are supposed to share with the world no matter what aspect of work you are called to be in, including business, government, or culture she works with you. It is refreshing to find a program that cares and works with you to develop all of you, not just your spiritual life.
Leticia L.
A spirit of excellence is evident in Rev Melissa’s teaching. This is due in part to her knowledge of the Bible, derived from many years of diligent study but also for her love of imparting to others the knowledge and wisdom that God has gifted her with. Melissa connects so easily with her audiences because she is transparent with her own life, showing how she can truly relate to their stories and their lives. She is authentic and her sincerity runs deep.
Karen C.
Melissa’s teachings seem to be just for me! God gives her the words I need to hear at exactly the times in my life that I need to hear them. She truly has a servant’s heart. I have been blessed with Melissa’s love and encouragement through the highs and the lows, and I thank God that He brought her into my life.
Tina G.
"Finding Freedom in Christ" was the first of Melissa’s studies I did, and it was life changing. I spent 33 years in a cult where the emphasis was on our performance. It was a very legalistic church, and we were very judgmental of ourselves and others. Melissa’s study helped me to understand that my identity is in Christ and not in what I do or don’t do. I have been blessed by her, her books, conferences, and online teachings.
Ginny. G
Melissa is beautiful woman of God, full of compassion and encouragement. This I know firsthand as she has fed life into my spirit from the first day that I met her. She is gifted in many areas and is always led by the Holy Spirit, not only with her teachings and her gifted writings, but her heart is full of love for the hurting, the lost and the broken. I am very thankful, grateful, and blessed that this mighty woman of God was sent across my path at a very low time in my life, and, that she has remained, not only as a mentor, but a friend.
Jeanann G.
Melissa is a gifted speaker whose engaging personality creates a beautiful learning environment. She's challenged me to go to a deeper level in my faith and relationship with God. Melissa is a lover of His word and teaches it in such a way that it causes me to hunger for more.
Carole S.
Melissa’s teachings have the ability to bring awareness to the issue God wants to address in your life at that specific moment in time. She has an incredible gift for speaking directly into your life as if you and her are the only people in the room. She has a sensitive ear to the Holy Spirit and can discern what God desires to work out in your walk with him. Melissa has a tender heart toward the women she is called to minister.
T. Hembree
I was spiritually stuck. I was serving in different areas of my church, but my heart was troubled. That was when I met Melissa. I instantly felt a great connection with her and signed up for her Empowerment program. It has taken me to a new spiritual level, and it helped me to make some life changes. ..... I highly recommend Empowerment to every woman in every phase of their walk with Christ!
Gracianna P.

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